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Getting Shutters For Your Pub & More

If you are a pub owner, you already know that your pub not only belongs to you but it also belongs to the residents of the city and the usual patrons.

For this reason, your pub should be a comfortable place where people can gather and have some drinks while laughing and having a good time. Shutters are a great touch to any pub because they match the classic and timeless look that most pubs have.

If you think about it, most pubs have a cool look to them that is unique to pubs. Sure there are bars out there that try to make themselves look like a pub but they don’t come close. You can get the cheapest window blinds like these the cheapest faux wood blinds online and compare vertical blinds. theprimeblindsYou can compare prices for solar shades and deals for blackout shades or discounted motorized blinds. If you check out this page you see all the best blinds at You can get for sale window shades and get cheap roman shades and get the best price for bamboo blinds.

Shutters are very cool window coverings because they have a unique look to them that other window coverings simply do not. Apart from the cool look to them, they are very long lasting and easy to take care of.

Getting New Wood Flooring & Wood Blinds

primeblindsI think one of the nicest things you can do for your home is to get new wood flooring and also wood blinds. I really stress that you should get wood blinds too if you are getting wood flooring. Also, before commiting to either one, make sure that you get them in the same color. Sometimes a color for wood flooring can’t be found in wood blinds and the other way around.

So void this by getting samples and mathcing them first. You can get the best wood blinds from this site, which is an online site for faux wood blinds too. Also on this  site you can get the free samples I’m telling you about to match it with your wood flooring, for more you can go to, and Get the best blinds at they can be bought Prime Blinds online and or you can get some over at PRIMEBLINDSONLINE. Also on this site they sell wood look roller shades, these are something new to the market so make sure to ask for samples too. You can even match these with your flooring. Btw, those can be found at these links, and

Whatever your selection is, you will love it and especially if you listen to the advice that Im providing here. For more details, do not worry about asking us!

Paddy Shades Tips On Interior Design For Homes

theprimeblindsIf you are on the internet and want to re-do your home it can be a hard thing. More importantly, it’s very easy to get distracted on the internet and never be able to complete your project.

However, this is a new year and a new you. So we are here to help at Paddy.

First thing is first. You must be serious that you want to change the look of your home. Then you need to get new wood flooring or just plain tiles. After that, get some doors. And last but not least get new window blinds that you can buy online. For example you can get window blinds here like these wooden blinds or sliding glass door blinds. Never let go of these new solar screen and blackout blinds you can get and transform into cordless blinds. What to know which else you can get, they are a simple window shade like this roman blind and bamboo roman shades. Steer clear of any other companies.

The Essence Of Paddy O Sheas


When shopping around for the best design firm for your project, it is important to take into account the amount of experience the firm has.

Paddy O Shea’s Designs has been a major design firm for over 2 decades.

We have trained designers from all around the world with experience in various fields and specialties. Our founder Paddy O Shea graduated as one of the best in her class. She attended one of the world’s leading design schools in England.

As she began to work on various projects, she decided to open her own design firm.

That vision that she had has become a reality and we are now one of the leading design companies in the world. We will work with your home and recommend a vision that is sure to bring out the best.

Most importantly, our firm will provide accurate quotes. This means that you won’t be surprised with a much larger cost. You can get some low cost dresses for example from,, and If you still need to save money on blinds you can get some at and They have well connect aluminum extrusions at and If you need them for your car they also use them over at and can even tell us what your budget is and we will work to make sure that it is met. One the best things at our shop at Paddyos is the new solar shades and blackout shades that we just got installed and they look awesome. They have the best blinds out of any company like their great looking faux wood blinds and vertical blinds. Moreover, they have a huge selection of shades and blackout blinds that can be motorized blinds. Also, you can get standard window shades that are roman shades and bamboo blinds.  Regardless, of the budget that you have, you are guaranteed a team of professionals on your side when you work with our company. Give us a call today.